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What Bridal Accessory is right for you?

Bridal Hair Accessories come in many different shapes and sizes. The most popular accessories feature pearls, crystals or rhinestones and styles can range from dainty floral hair pins, to solitaire pearl hair pins, eye-catching sprays, jeweled headbands, tiaras and vines.

If you are working with a bridal stylist for your wedding, they will know how to use your hair accessories and properly secure them. Be sure to mention to them that they should join our Bridal Stylist Team for exclusive savings. If you are looking to do your own bridal hair hear are some tips to get the most out of your wedding hair accessories.

Hair pins are self securing, simply incorporate them into your bridal hair style. If you choose a tiara or hair vine, use the accompanying hair pins or bobby pins to secure the accessory in your hair. Make sure to completely conceal your hair pins by tucking them deep enough in your hair. Note: crisscrossing pins add extra hold and support.

HAIR VINES Incorporating pearl or crystal strands or hair vines along a french twist, into a braid, or wrapped around around a bun adds interest and intrigue to your hair.


Hair pins are another way to make a bridal updo even more beautiful. Hair pins can be used many ways, tuck beautiful hairpins around a knot, line a set of them up along a french twist or add a set to the back of a hairstyle to make it even more glamorous.


Do you love tiaras? Visit our Tiara and Hair Vine page to these glamorous options.

Match your hair pins with your bridesmaids for a cohesive bridal party look... and don't forget your flower girl(s)! Flower girls really love being included in the bridal party and similar hair is an easy and sentimental way to help them feel like one of the girls!

Sterling Hairpins completes that amazing wedding look you've been dreaming of. What hair accessories will you choose?

VISIT to see all our bridal hair accessories

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