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Quality and Craftsmanship

Quality is very important to us! Sterling Hairpins are hand-crafted out of solid hypoallergenic “Argentium” Sterling Silver (a high quality Sterling Silver that is tarnish resistant) and each hairpin is hand-stamped with the Argentium Silver hallmark. Our signature ergonomic hairpin design holds more securely, and is more gentle on your hair than traditional hairpins.

Our hairpins feature some of the rarest and most beautiful pearls on earth and include an assortment of genuine gem-quality Freshwater and Saltwater pearls or Swarovski Crystals to fit any budget. When we make your hairpins we take great care to expertly match your pearls for size, color, luster, surface quality, and nacre.


The best part is Sterling Hairpins increase in value over time, they don't require expensive preservation services, they will always be in style and are guaranteed to fit anyone! And don't forget, you can wear them anytime, not just on special occasions and anniversaries!

We look forward to making your hairpins!

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