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The Classics Are Always In Style! Single Pearl, Swarovski Crystal & Rhinestone Bridal Hair Pins.

This Bridal Accessory is always a winner! Each sterling silver hair pin features a single gem-grade freshwater pearl, sparkling Swarovski crystal or shimmering diamond-like rhinestone and their timeless elegance means you can wear them again and again, even after your wedding day. Wear them with a sun dress at a garden party, as an accessory to dress up a business suit or with a little black dress for a Breakfast at Tiffany's feel!

Our gem-grade Freshwater Pearl Hair Pins have a satiny glow and feature a thick nacre and smooth blemish free surface. Each pearl in a set is picked to match for similarity of color, size, nacre, shape and surface texture for a truly beautiful heirloom quality set.

(Akoya saltwater pearl hair pins also available, custom order).

Swarovski Crystal Clear Crystals display a beautiful play of light, giving off every color of the rainbow in glints and glimmers.

The rhinestones we use in our designs are metal backed, prong set and glass (not foil backed or made of plastic). The light effects from these rhinestones are positively eye-catching and each rhinestone has a diamond-like shine and shimmer.

Solitaires have been one of our best selling styles for over twenty years. There are so many reasons this accessory has remained a favorite year after year. Most notably, their simplicity, their elegance and their versatility are what make them timeless classics.

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