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AA and AAA Akoya Pearl Solitare Sterling Silver Bridal Hair Pins Set of 5 | STERLING HAIRPINS
Japanese Saltwater Akoya Pearl Bridal Hair Pins
Set of 5 (also available individually)
Note* ($169.00 Freshwater Pearls are our best sellers and a great high quality alternative to Akoya pearls. You can find the listing, and pictures, for Freshwater pearls in our Shop on the "Solitaire Bridal Hair Pins" page or simply choose Freshwater from the drop down menu on this page to buy).
Back to Akoya pearls...  Why we love these and what makes Akoya pearls so valuable? Saltwater pearls, like Akoya, are much harder to produce than cultured pearls. Many factors can effect the production of Akoya pearls like ocean temperatures, predators, and weather. All these factors, and more, make pearl production less predictive and harvesting more difficult resulting in Akoya pearls being more rare and highly valued. Akoya pearls are known for their extremely high luster, thick nacre and super clean surface. The 8 - 8.5mm size of the pearls we use for our Akoya Hair Pins is impressive and pearls in this size make a valuable collection. Both the Akoya and Freshwater pearls we use are certified by our supplier to be AAA quality... meaning they are simply amazing! Solid Sterling Silver Hairpins. Heirloom quality. Comes with a silver polishing cloth.
Picture of bride shows one way solitaire pearls and crystal hair pins can be used.

Saltwater Akoya Pearl Bridal Hair Pins (Freshwater also available)

SKU: 41000

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