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Sterling Silver Bridal Hair Accessories Featuring Gem-Grade Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski Crystals And Rhinestones. 


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K Walker
(Google Store Review) ★★★★★

Beautiful jewelry made by a very talented artist who takes care from the beginning of the creative process all the way to delivery. Her attention to detail is what sets her above others who make far inferior products. I can't recommend her products enough. If you are looking for a special piece for your special day than you should make one of her designer hairpins part of your something new. These are items that will be passed down from mother to daughter for sure.

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2018 Fall/Winter Issue

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Solitaire Pearl Bridal Hair PIns


The classics are always in style! Freshwater Pearl Bridal Hair Pins are one of the most elegant accessories to dress up your wedding hair style.


These pretty hair pins can be used to encircle a high bun for a tiara look or around a low bun for visual interest. They are also beautiful along the crease of a french twist or trailing down a braid, or placed randomly in an updo.


The Freshwater Pearls we use are gem-grade meaning they have a very clean surface, thick nacre and a soft silky sheen and all our hair pins are hand-made out of solid sterling silver. These hair pins are sure to become treasured family heirlooms!

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What Bridal Accessory Is Right For you?


Bridal Hair Accessories come in many different shapes and sizes. The most popular accessories feature pearls, crystals or rhinestones and styles can range from dainty floral hair pins, to solitaire pearl hair pins, eye-catching sprays, jeweled headbands, tiaras and vines.


If you are working with a bridal stylist for your wedding, they will know how to use your hair accessories and properly secure them. Be sure to mention to them that they should join our Bridal Stylist Team for exclusive savings. If you are looking to do your own bridal hair hear are some tips to get the most out of your wedding hair accessories.


Hair pins are self securing, simply incorporate them into your bridal hair style. If you choose a tiara or hair vine, use the accompanying hair pins or bobby pins to secure the accessory in your hair. Make sure to completely conceal your hair pins by tucking them deep enough in your hair. Note: crisscrossing pins add extra hold and support.

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Versatile Bridal Tiara Hair Vines


Bridal Tiara hair vines are one of the most versatile wedding hair accessories. They can be worn as a tiara on the crown of the head, wrapped around a high or low bun, flat like a headband, or draped, woven or swagged in the hair. Just love these! All of our Tiara Hair Vines are wired with solid sterling silver. Below are a few examples of our Rhinestone Tiara Hair Vines.

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